Why PixiCloud Exists

In 2011, we launched Pixilated and set out to change the way people were using photo booths at events. Since then, we’ve captured millions of photos at thousands of events.

After realizing how powerful of a marketing tool our photo booth could be, we shifted our focus away from weddings and parties, and began working with brands, businesses, and venues to help them amplify their photo marketing efforts.

It was this realization that led to the creation of PixiCloud.

After several years using all of the major photo booth software tools available, we knew it was time to build our own. What we needed — and more importantly — what our customers needed, was a better software solution that was stable, scalable, and built in the cloud. We required an easy way to customize themes and deploy branded campaigns to remote photo kiosks.

Our customers’ goal is to create incredible, branded photo experiences that engage their audience with the ability to collect event data to help drive marketing and sales. PixiCloud does just that. It allows you to create cool photo overlays with logos, and to personalize all of the messaging sent to each user.

We’ve built it specifically for businesses who want an effective, stress-free solution for their photo marketing needs.

Wondering if PixiCloud is a fit for you? Sign up free and give it a try.