Photo booth kiosks and hardware packages for every application.

Your photos have to look great, so let us get you set up with the devices that you’ll need to optimize the PixiCloud experience.

Introducing PixiCAM & PixiTAB, custom-designed photo booth kiosks manufactured specifically for PixiCloud software users. While PixiCloud allows a bring-your-own-device amount of freedom, many of our clients need photo booth hardware solutions to bring their PixiCloud strategy to life. We have distilled 15 years of photo booth experience into these two hardware kits. 

PixiTAB Photo Booth

For Affordability and Scalability

PixiTAB Bundle

  • 10.1″ Android tablet
  • 8MP built-in camera
  • Enclosure with LED light kit
  • Custom graphic wrap

PixiCAM Photo Booth

For Beautiful, High-Resolution Photos

PixiCAM Bundle

  • 10.1″ Android tablet
  • 20MP Sony mirrorless camera
  • Tamper proof kiosk enclosure
  • Custom graphic wrap

It’s always better to have options.

PixiCAM is what we consider our “Pro Hardware” bundle.

PixiCAM is built with a Sony A5100 mirrorless camera in conjunction with a 10.1″ Samsung Android tablet to offer a high-quality, mobile, affordable photo booth enclosure that can compete with traditional DSLR photo booths.

PixiTAB, our tablet-only photo booth kiosk is built with two things in mind: affordability and quality.

While many photo booth apps run on iPads, iPad photo booths are expensive, and the camera quality is just above average, at best. We built PixiTAB with a 10.1″ Huawei Android tablet, with a front-facing camera that won’t disappoint. 

Photo booth hardware solutions for brands, venues, and photo booth companies.

Lyft Photo Booth Powered By PixiCloud Photo Booth Software


Baltimore Ravens Stadium Photo Booth


Wedding Photo Booth Powered by PixiCloud Photo Booth Software

Photo Booth Companies

In creating our two hardware solutions, PixiCAM & PixiTAB, we’ve developed a variety of solutions to power any type of photo booth activation needs. Whether you are a photo booth operator, brewery marketing director or the Chief Marketing Officer at a major brand looking for a scaled photo booth marketing program we have a great solution for your needs.

More and more so we’re seeing brands take an omni-channel approach to their marketing strategies and photo marketing programs are no exception. Assembling a comprehensive photo marketing program calls for the right device for the right job. The strategy an eye-wear shop deploys in their stores vs. what their team carries out into community based events can necessitate different hardware solutions. With PixiCAM, PixiTAB and the PixiCloud you can use the right tool for the job and manage them all in one place.

Increasingly businesses that have a physical location are turning to PixiCloud to help them create a memorable experience for their visitors and also to capture data so they can get back in touch. The PixiCAM & PixiTAB are both incredible photo booth kiosks depending on what the application or use case.

In designing our hardware we’ve always kept photo booth operators top of mind. Even though we have ambitions for all types of businesses to harness the power of PixiCloud we’d be foolish to not recognize the individuals that most benefit from great hardware & software photo booth solutions.

PixiCAM & PixiTAB finally provide the opportunity to stop running your DSLR photo booth and your iPad photo booth on different software platforms. With PixiCloud powering your entire system you have the option to deploy a PixiCAM or a PixiTab depending on what your client wants.