The Goal

Help 14 West prove ROI on their event recruiting strategy at Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019 to build a strong pipeline of talented job candidates to fill internal openings at The Agora Companies.

The Plan

We have integrated PixiCloud with iCIMS talent acquisition software to be able to create an interactive photo experience that also:

  1. Captures critical information about potential job candidates, including name, email address, location, and role.
  2. Automatically creates an applicant profile in the iCIMS database and assigns the new profile to an associated talent pool.

The User Flow
  1. Take photo

  2. Enter name & email

  3. Enter location

  4. Identify role

  5. Send photo

The Data Flow

Once a user takes a picture with the Pixi photo booth app and submits her information, the photo and form data are instantly uploaded to PixiCloud.

PixiCloud automatically reroutes the data — sending the user a personalized email message with her photo attached and mapping the form data into iCIMS. Within iCIMS, a talent profile is created for the user and she is immediately placed into an associated talent pool.

All in real-time. No clunky CSV files or follow-up lag.

The Devices

PixiTAB = Photo booth kiosk with data capture form

PixiForm = Tablet with data capture form (no photo component)

Location 1: Large Booth

PixiTABs x2, PixiForms x2

Location 2: Small Booth

PixiTABs x2, PixiForm x1