PixiCloud and MailChimp connection Icons

Why is the MailChimp | PixiCloud integration so important? What can it do for my business? What is the meaning of life?

I will answer two of those three questions, and give you some of my favorite ways to use PixiCloud to grow your marketing lists. First of all- why is it important? Marketing your business is crucial, and having a robust mailing list in MailChimp (or any email marketing system) makes it fast and easy to share the news with your customers.

What can it do for you? Make you very rich and famous. Probably. I don’t know. In reality, having a PixiCam or PixiTab with PixiCloud is going to give you a fun, engaging tool for your customers to use while it builds your MailChimp lists for you.

More emails = More marketing opportunities = Success= Befriending Oprah.

Man giving a peace sign in a PixiCloud photo kiosk.

So what are my tips and tricks? Get out your notebook and pencil like it’s 1993 because you’re going to want to take notes.

Drive Summer Business Using Mailchimp

Heading into the summer can be tricky for some businesses. With people going away on long vacations, or even hopping off to the beach for a few days here and there, you need ways to keep your customers visiting! How can a robust MailChimp list help? Easy!

Segment all of your customers that used your PixiCloud photo kiosk from January through May, and send them an offer to visit your business in June. Do it again in July. Then again in August. You’ve created steady business throughout the summer AND you’ve gotten a tan. You’re crushing it.

Harness the Power of Social Media with MailChimp

PixiCloud allows you to send custom outbound messaging. Awesome. But the follow-up is key! Remind people on your PixiCloud MailChimp list to post their pictures along with your company’s hashtag on social media. Gamify it! Give your customers a reason to post their pictures to increase brand awareness, and give them a chance to win something!

Your MailChimp list can be the tool that gives them more knowledge about what you do while driving them to help your marketing efforts! Let’s face it- if it isn’t on Instagram, did it even happen?

MailChimp for Events and Trade Show Marketing

This one is more for the businesses that live mostly on the internet. How are you growing your MailChimp lists? Trying to get people to subscribe to your newsletter with a pop-up box that everybody clicks off of. Try going offline!

Take your PixiCloud kiosk to any community events you’re involved with or sponsoring. Take it to your trade shows. Keep it in your office’s lobby so visitors can snap a pic while they wait for you to finish your meeting. (which is really just what you tell people you’re doing when you’re actually trying to beat a really tough level on Candy Crush if we’re being honest)

Take it anywhere you’d be engaging with your potential new customers. The booth is incredibly easy to travel with, and it will grow your marketing lists while you schmooze, network, and pretend to be interested in someone’s story about how they went white water rafting with their cat. Your online business can go out in the analog world and help you see massive MailChimp growth!

BOOM. You can thank me when your MailChimp lists grow by 1000% and you are so successful that you’re posing for magazine covers. Want to discuss other ways that PixiCloud can help your marketing efforts? Send me an email! I love emails! So much! PixiCloud! Hooray!