How PixiCloud can be a powerful marketing tool for Brands, Venues, and Businesses

Hello, I’m the Oprah of marketing lead generation, only I don’t have the money to give you all a car. What I CAN do is give you an even easier way to integrate PixiCloud into your brand or business so you make so much money that you can buy a new car. Start building that Mercedes, friend.

Three women pose with photo booth props at a LinkedInLocal event in Baltimore, MD.

So- you know about our PixiCam. You know about PixiCloud. You know that I once had a full meltdown when a small bird flew into my open car window that has given me an irrational fear of winged creatures. However, what you’re about to learn is how Pixilated is making our products even more accessible to everybody.

Introducing: tiered software pricing! You can visit this link to see our new pricing structure for PixiCloud subscriptions. Depending on what your marketing goal is, we have a range of features and prices available to put one of our booths with our crazy great software in your space. My personal favorite is the Pro license, which allows for the branded photo sharing as well as the lead capture. This. is. so. important.

Two woman pose in a PixiCam photo kiosk at the Harlem 5k in 2018.

Your PixiCloud Pro license paired with your Pixi photo kiosk is going to give you new customers to reach out to every day that you’re using your booth. Just think: how many people have come into your space, to your tradeshow booth, or to your Free Range, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-Dairy, Non-GMO cafe and leave without you having some way to reach out to them? So many. Like…hundreds of thousands. Give or take a few.

So- what are you waiting for? We’ve given you new, lower pricing to get PixiCloud into your business. But wait! There’s more! PIXIBOOTH TAB. Yes, friends and guests- we’re introducing new hardware that uses a tablet’s integrated camera to get you a photo kiosk for 25% of the cost of the PixiCam.

Two friends posing for a photo in a PixiCam at a trade show setup.

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Don’t send a carrier pigeon. As mentioned above, I am very fearful of winged creatures. Get PixiCloud! Make more money! Be your own Oprah!