Pixi App

Release Date: Thursday, July 19, 3:00AM
Version 1.3.0


  • Added key activation screen when first registering the app with 8 digit registration key
  • Prompt user to enter user pin after successfully entering the registration key
  • Prompt user to select device camera or Sony camera after entering pin
  • Prompt user to select wifi network if offline when on the registration page or user pin creation page
  • Removed admin pin from the app (now users in settings can change their own pin and unregister devices)
  • Save whether or not the external camera is enabled in permanent storage
    persist settings view after closing the app
  • Added new loading icon and animation


  • Use new font in-app (the same as in web portal)
  • Update settings tabs look to match website tab settings buttons and update touch event listeners for tab navigation
  • Update colors in-app to reflect new web portal colors
  • Change display name of the app from ‘WallPixi’ to ‘Pixi’
  • Update Android launcher icon with the new logo
  • Fix how launcher icon displays on different Android API’s
  • Update deregistration screen alert to give more information as to what happens when the device is unregistered
  • Update UI for creating and entering PIN
  • Speed up the performance of screen changes and button responsiveness
  • Improve timing of screen flash when using the device camera
  • Fix preview not stopping correctly when using the device camera
  • Fixed occasional modal offsetting issues with keyboard
  • Implemented better UI scaling for different screen resolutions