Event Galleries & Public Galleries

We’ve implemented a change in the way photos captured on your PixiBooth are stored and sorted in the PixiCloud. You will now be able to access all photos associated with a specific event.

The Public Galleries feature will allow you, the subscriber, to make any of your event galleries publicly browseable to attendees. Public galleries allow registered users access to view all of the photos taken at an event they attended.

As a note of precaution, Public Galleries are set in the Off position by default so no need to worry about your images being available unintentionally. See the image & directions below for instructions on how to enable Public Galleries in your PixiCloud account.

  1. Login to PixiCloud portal
  2. Navigate to Events -> Choose Event -> Messaging
  3. Check the box next to Make Gallery Public
  4. Press Save

Screen capture of the Events tab in the PixiCloud portal.

My Photos Page

We’ve added a My Photos page to each user account where they can access any photos they’ve taken on a PixiCloud device and shared via the same email address. This will allow your guests to create and log in to their own PixiCloud portal and browse back through all of the photos they’ve taken in your PixiCam or other kiosks around town. Yay!

Graphic showing the "My Photos" section in a PixiCloud user portal.

My Account Features

We added two new features in the My Account section of your PixiCloud portal. Feature #1 is the ability to edit the name of the account holder as well as update the account password. Feature #2 is a PixiCloud Support section so if you’re experiencing any issues with your PixiCam or PixiCloud account you can easily reach out to get assistance.