PixiCloud App

Release Date: Friday, June 8, 12:20PM
Version 1.1.21 (Public Galleries)


  • Rebuilt login page into signup/login page
  • Added ‘My Photos’ page where users can see all of the photos that they have sent with their email address. Includes a link to download the photo in the preview as well as a link to the public gallery if their photo was taken in an event with a public gallery
  • Created individual galleries per event
  • Switch out sending emails with attached photos to sending out an email with preview link and photo-preview expiration page (with prettier email template)
  • Implement link that can be accessed by an anonymous user for a specific photo (expires after 7 days) which returns an S3 low-quality link for the photo (for email preview)
  • In messaging tab under event settings added ability to toggle on/off public galleries (off by default)
  • Allow access to galleries for unregistered devices
  • Implemented highlighting of photos that are shared with you in public galleries, as well as ability to download those photos
  • Added ability to change the password in ‘My Account’ settings page
  • Added Pixilated Support info in ‘My Account’ settings page
  • Implement Preview-Photo page that can be accessed by anonymous users (expires after 7 days and redirects user to sign in after expiration) where the user can see the low-quality preview image and also get prompted to log in or create an account if not logged in
  • After following the link sent in an email (works either when logged out and signing in, or signed in already) the user gets redirected to either their ‘My Photos’ page or the event gallery if the event gallery is set to Public


  • Set all photos to deleted that have not been shared via text or email
  • Fix case where all Billboard/Overlay screens can get deleted, causing the event settings page to break with all billboards or overlays deleted for that event
  • ReCaptcha for signup and multiple failed login attempts
  • Added link to ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy’
  • Basic rate limiting for all endpoints + longer rate limiting for login, signup, and forgot the password
  • Handle Unicode error when generating CSV