This post covers the basic parameters around designing for PixiCloud events and provides step-by-step instructions on how to export your design files so they are optimized for the software.

With basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, any amateur designer can easily create Billboard Screens and Photo Overlays for PixiCloud.

When creating an event in PixiCloud, you can upload up to six Billboards and six Overlays per event theme.

We have built Illustrator Templates to take the guess work out of designing each theme.  Each template contains six Artboards, to correspond with the number of Billboards and Overlays allowable in the PixiCloud event builder.

After designing your theme in Adobe Illustrator, you’ll need to export your Artboards as PNG files before uploading to PixiCloud.

To export for PixiCloud, follow these steps:

1. Go to “File” > “Export” > “Export As…”

2. Choose your export save destination

3. Name your file and “Save as type:” “PNG”

4. Check box for “Use Artboards”

5. Click “Export”

6. When prompted, set resolution to “Screen (72 ppi)”

7A. For Billboards, set background to “White”

7B. For Overlays, set background to “Transparent”

8. Click “OK”

Final File Specs:

Billboards – 1920px by 1200px PNG files

Overlays – 1800px by 1200px PNG files with transparent background

Then, log in to PixiCloud and upload your newly designed photo booth theme!